The Neuroactive AI system

Neuroactive AI is a software system which enables anyone to build predictive machine learning models easily and quickly, even if they don't have any data science experience.

The ease of use and versatility of our system means that it represents the easiest way available for businesses to implement artificial intelligence into their day-to-day operations.

Product features

  • No specialist expertise required. Anyone with moderate computer literacy can use the system.
  • Able to accept data in a wide range of formats, including numeric, categorical, and textual data. Data can currently be uploaded to the system through the web interface. In the future, it will be possible to supply data via an API, or retrieve it from remote data sources such as SQL databases or Amazon S3.
  • Highly scalable. If necessary, the system can be configured to handle thousands of API requests per second or more.
  • High quality predictions, made possible by incorporating the latest research and best practices for machine learning into the system. Our system is initially focussed on classification and regression problems, with support for other machine learning applications such as clustering scheduled to be added later.
  • Flexible modes of operation. Users can train models using specific algorithms, settings, and architectures, or simply let the system determine the configuration which works best automatically.
  • The system includes built-in tools for cleaning data and assessing data quality, as well as attractive and informative visualisations of the data.
  • The system is cloud-based. We are working on making it possible to deploy as an on-premises solution.


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