Neuroactive AI is a software system which dramatically improves the ease and speed with which companies can create and deploy predictive machine learning models.

The system automatically tests many machine learning algorithms, settings, and configuration options to find the model which works best.

Target users for the system include data scientists, who can use our system to work more efficiently, and developers looking for a convenient way to create and deploy services based around machine learning without the need to maintain their own infrastructure.

In summary, the Neuroactive AI system is ideal for anyone looking for a convenient way to incorporate machine learning technology into their project or enterprise.

Key features

  • Automatically create optimised predictive models
  • Convenient tools to manage, explore, and clean data
  • Deploy trained models to the cloud
  • Get predictions via the web application or an API
  • No specialist expertise required

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The system is suitable for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. These include predictive maintenance, incident classification, fraud detection, credit scoring, quality control, recommendation systems, customer segmentation, churn prediction, sentiment analysis, and demand forecasting.

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