About Neuroactive AI

Neuroactive AI was founded in the autumn of 2016 by Chris Thompson. After taking an online course in machine learning, he was instantly hooked and recognised that this technology would be increasingly important over the years to come.

However, he was disappointed by the quality of the software solutions which existed in this field, so set out to build something better. Having recruited a machine learning specialist as an adviser, as well as a developer, he undertook a period of detailed planning, then the team got down to building the product. The result is the Neuroactive AI system.

Since then the product has been further developed and tested by a number of international corporations. We are now planning to carry out pilot projects with selected companies, prior to a full commercial launch.

In addition to our software product, we also offer expert consulting in the field of data science and machine learning.


We are currently offering companies based in Finland and Estonia free consulting to identify ways in which they could apply machine learning to improve their operational efficiency and increase profits.

Through this offer we intend to raise awareness of the benefits of machine learning technology, while at the same time learning more about the requirements and priorities of potential end-users of our system.


We invite companies who wish to get started implementing machine learning in their organizations to join our pilot programme.

The goal of the programme will be to develop a predictive model on a specific problem which is of interest to your company. Working in collaboration with domain experts from your business, we will review the available data, identify which factors should be used in the model to get the best results, then build and evaluate a working model.

Overall, the programme will lead to a better understanding within your company of machine learning and its potential applications, and will leave your organisation in a good position to deploy the model which has been developed should you wish to do so.

The duration of the programme is expected to be 10-12 weeks. Participating companies will be charged a participation fee, which will depend on the duration of the project and the complexity of the problem at hand.


Chris Thompson, MA (Hons) ⁠— Founder and CEO
Chris is a systems architect and entrepreneur with over 18 years’ experience working in technology. His professional interests include machine learning, data visualisation, and UX. Chris previously founded a language-learning website, which at its peak received around 2.4 million users per month. He manages the Neuroactive AI business and also leads the technical development of the product.

Ilya Kuzovkin, MSc ⁠— Machine learning adviser
Ilya is a PhD candidate at the Computational Neuroscience laboratory at the University of Tartu in Estonia, having earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the same university. His research is focussed on brain-computer interfaces, and essentially involves using deep learning to understand signals generated by the human brain. Ilya provides ongoing consultancy regarding machine learning as required.

Nele Plutus ⁠— Business developer
Nele has been involved with business development and market research for over three years, specialising in the Nordic and Baltic region. Nele carries out sales and business development work for Neuroactive AI.

Our team also includes two part-time developers.

Chris Thompson presenting Neuroactive AI at the Slush technology conference in Helsinki, November 2019. Neuroactive AI was one of only five AI-related companies selected to present on the Product Showcase stage out of some 3000 startups attending the event.